a place to come and work and get stuff done.


Attic 19 provides a space to explore something. There is a kitchen bath and ample work space. It is linked to the Art of This Gallery as well. There is an indoor/outdoor exhibition space called the poolhouse which will be available if it suits the residents ideas.
Attic 19 is located in the Seward Neighborhood of Minneapolis. There is a sweet co-op a few block away. It is close to the greenway ( a bike only freeway connecting huge sections of the city) There is a co-op run cafe with in walking distance as well as bars and a meditation center. It is quick to get to most places due to being 4 blocks from 94 (linking car hi-way to St.Paul and the rest of the area)
Attic 19 will be yours for the time of the residency. It is the top floor of a duplex housing a number of artists and musicians. I will be available for support,  documentation and hospitality. My approach to things is somewhat hands off. 
Come here with an idea. Explore it. Challenge it. Fight it. Do something with it. And then explain it. Or show it. 

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